Certified Bedbug Teams

NESDCA does not require that a dog team be employed by a Pest Control Firm. Local or Federal Laws may dictate otherwise. It is the Team Handlers responsibility to ensure they work and inspect in accordance with the law.

NESDCA Bedbug Seal

If you wish to be evaluated for Certification prior to our next scheduled time, please FILL OUT the appropriate form.


HandlerDog(s) Cert. Date CompanyCompany HQCountry
Douglas DufurHunter04/28/2016AlliantCAA USA
Judy TauntonKindle02/22/2017Bed Bug K-9'sCAA USA
Stephanie TauntonBounty03/15/2017Bed Bug K-9'sCAA USA
Stephanie TauntonKindle02/22/2017Bed Bug K-9'sCAA USA
Stephanie TauntonMoxie04/20/2016Bed Bug K-9'sCAA USA
Stephanie TauntonStella03/15/2017Bed Bug K-9'sCAA USA
Dave MarshallLeroy04/20/2016Bed Bug Solutions CaliforniaCAA USA
Dave MarshallLucy04/20/2016Bed Bug Solutions CaliforniaCAA USA
Jeff Stafford Leroy04/20/2016Bed Bug Solutions CaliforniaCAA USA
Jeff StaffordLucy04/20/2016Bed Bug Solutions CaliforniaCAA USA
George EnriquezTrenton04/20/2016IPM Tech Pest ManagementCAA USA
Mario BazanTrenton04/20/2016IPM Tech Pest ManagementCAA USA
Devon EllisorZip04/17/2017IsoTech Pest ManagementCAA USA
Erik AldenMaddie03/17/2017IsoTech Pest ManagementCAA USA
Erik AldenZip03/17/2017IsoTech Pest ManagementCAA USA
James TagueJack03/17/2017IsoTech Pest ManagementCAA USA
Jeremiah PatinKarma06/30/2016IsoTech Pest ManagementCAA USA
Manny GarciaDash03/17/2017IsoTech Pest ManagementCAA USA
Manny GarciaKarma03/17/2017IsoTech Pest ManagementCAA USA
Ryan TuchscherIce03/17/2017IsoTech Pest ManagementCAA USA
Egan de los CobosNika04/20/2016K9 SniffsCAA USA
Kenny GutierrezHunter04/20/2016Round the Clock Pest ControlCAA USA
Kenny GutierrezToby04/20/2016Round the Clock Pest ControlCAA USA
Kristopher OrtizHerby04/20/2016Round the Clock Pest ControlCAA USA
Lisa GalloBaby04/20/2016Round the Clock Pest ControlCAA USA
Oliver MendozaGrizz04/20/2016Round the Clock Pest ControlCAA USA
Ray CastellanosToby04/20/2016Round the Clock Pest ControlCAA USA
Robert GalloToby04/20/2016Round the Clock Pest ControlCAA USA
Robert GregorioHerby04/20/2016Round the Clock Pest ControlCAA USA
Robert GregorioHunter04/20/2016Round the Clock Pest ControlCAA USA
Sam SanchezBaby04/20/2016Round the Clock Pest ControlCAA USA
Cathy PalmerCommander Cupcake11/17/2016Scentsational HoundsCOA USA
Cathy PalmerVelvet11/17/2016Scentsational HoundsCOA USA
Dana LamendolaAmora08/29/2016Harlem River HoundsCTA USA
Dana LamendolaJerry08/29/2016Harlem River HoundsCTA USA
Jill MeyerAmora08/29/2016Harlem River HoundsCTA USA
Jill MeyerJerry08/29/2016Harlem River HoundsCTA USA
Ron SilversonHunter04/30/2016Hunter Detection Services, IncFLA USA
Sara PassarellaHunter04/30/2016Hunter Detection Services, IncFLA USA
Bun MontgomeryIsabella06/09/2016ScentworxFLA USA
Bun MontgomerySonny06/09/2016ScentworxFLA USA
Randy FelderIsabella06/09/2016ScentworxFLA USA
Randy FelderSonny06/09/2016ScentworxFLA USA
David Trietiak00501/26/2017The K9 P.I.FLA USA
Leah Trietiak00501/26/2017The K9 P.I.FLA USA
Johnsie McSwainSophie04/22/2016Larry Kennedy & AssociatesGAA USA
Brandon GrutzmacherTule02/22/2017Orkin USAGAA USA
Charles BaughmanBunny03/25/2016Orkin USAGAA USA
Charles BaughmanCooper02/22/2017Orkin USAGAA USA
Charles BaughmanTule02/22/2017Orkin USAGAA USA
Ed SzablewskiCranberry02/22/2017Orkin USAGAA USA
Ed SzablewskiRiley02/22/2017Orkin USAGAA USA
Juan HernandezLeanna02/22/2017Orkin USAGAA USA
Juan HernandezZara02/22/2017Orkin USAGAA USA
Liindsay OrlerLeanna02/22/2017Orkin USAGAA USA
Michael NangleCranberry02/22/2017Orkin USAGAA USA
Michael NangleRiley02/22/2017Orkin USAGAA USA
Troy JohnsonCooper04/22/2016Orkin USAGAA USA
William KayScout09/15/2016Aegis BBDSILA USA
Ali PhillipsHardy09/15/2016CDISILA USA
Carla WagnerBuddy09/16/2016CDISILA USA
Carla WagnerHardy09/15/2016CDISILA USA
Carla WagnerLinQ03/15/2017CDISILA USA
Junior EsquivalMolly03/15/2017CDISILA USA
Mathew MrowcaGoogle09/15/2016CDISILA USA
Mathew MrowcaHawkeye09/15/2016CDISILA USA
Sean TovarBuddy10/05/2016CDISILA USA
Sean TovarLady09/15/2016CDISILA USA
Stan MarszalekGoogle09/15/2016CDISILA USA
Susan HagbergMolly09/15/2016CDISILA USA
Marian HerdonStar04/22/2016K9 Bed Bug BustersINA USA
Clayton TacheBadger06/24/2016American K9 P.I.MAA USA
Mike TacheBadger06/24/2016American K9 P.I.MAA USA
Mike TacheTracer06/24/2016American K9 P.I.MAA USA
Edward JohnsonLaylah08/28/2016Yankee PestMAA USA
Galvin MurphyLaylah08/28/2016Yankee PestMAA USA
Laura TotisHiro10/04/2016Regional Detection DogsMDA USA
Laura TotisLilly10/04/2016Regional Detection DogsMDA USA
Brett WattlesRuby09/15/2016Eradico Pest Services an Ehrlich CompanyMIA USA
Sarah RodeheaverPilot09/16/2016K9 Bed Bug Hunter LLCMIA USA
Angela TiernanClyde10/06/2016Lady Killers Bed Bug ManagementMIA USA
Renee TannehillBonnie10/05/2016Lady Killers Bed Bug ManagementMIA USA
Renee TannehillClyde10/05/2016Lady Killers Bed Bug ManagementMIA USA
Victoria GariepyBonnie10/05/2016Lady Killers Bed Bug ManagementMIA USA
Victoria GariepyClyde10/05/2016Lady Killers Bed Bug ManagementMIA USA
Donna BraunSadie09/15/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Jamie AlcalaGracie09/16/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Jamie AlcalaMollie09/16/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Jamie AlcalaSadie09/16/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Jimmie ColemanGracie09/16/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Jimmie ColemanMollie09/16/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Jimmie ColemanSadie09/16/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Mark FountainGracie09/15/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Mark FountainMollie09/16/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Mark FountainSadie09/15/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Stephen AlcalaGracie09/15/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Stephen AlcalaMollie09/15/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Tricia AlcalaGracie09/15/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Tricia AlcalaSadie09/15/2016Pronto PestMIA USA
Angela RussellTravis09/15/2016Rose PestMIA USA
Emzy CollinsSparky09/15/2016Rose PestMIA USA
Jayna HiffnerKramer09/15/2016Rose PestMIA USA
Michael RussoFinn09/15/2016Rose PestMIA USA
Monica GrussWilly09/15/2016Rose PestMIA USA
Paula KalbliRosie09/15/2016Rose PestMIA USA
Rebecca DeClarkRanger09/15/2016Rose PestMIA USA
Samantha AliahVernor09/15/2016Rose PestMIA USA
Douglass SeemanMarvin03/15/2017Adam's PestMNA USA
Alec PaulsenHermano11/17/2016Brother's MFGMNA USA
Roland HaglundHermano11/17/2016Brother's MFGMNA USA
David HarrisShelby03/15/2017Guardian Pest SolutionsMNA USA
Jennifer WhiteBarney03/04/2017Rottler Pest & LawnMOA USA
Shauna HultsClue03/04/2017Rottler Pest & LawnMOA USA
Donna NicholsFidgette10/05/2016Intergrated Pest InspectionsNCA USA
Donna NicholsGracie05/04/2016Intergrated Pest InspectionsNCA USA
Donna NicholsPeanut10/05/2016Intergrated Pest InspectionsNCA USA
Donna NicholsRuby10/05/2016Intergrated Pest InspectionsNCA USA
Donna NicholsZoe05/04/2016Intergrated Pest InspectionsNCA USA
Robert BrannonFidgette05/04/2016Intergrated Pest InspectionsNCA USA
Robert BrannonPeanut05/04/2016Intergrated Pest InspectionsNCA USA
Robert BrannonRuby10/05/2016Intergrated Pest InspectionsNCA USA
Robert BrannonZoe10/05/2016Intergrated Pest InspectionsNCA USA
Benjamin RoarkUno04/07/2017McNeely Pest ControlNCA USA
Jamie WatkinsBella04/07/2017McNeely Pest ControlNCA USA
Joey HallBella04/07/2017McNeely Pest ControlNCA USA
Ryan HellardMarley04/07/2017McNeely Pest ControlNCA USA
Taylor MohatUno04/07/2017McNeely Pest ControlNCA USA
John P. UsherJosie11/07/2016Bunker Farm K9 Services LLCNHA USA
Keith MacKenzieLeigh08/29/2016Kounty K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesNHA USA
Frank EmroAnchor08/29/2016Anchor Pest ControlNJA USA
Frank EmroCassie08/29/2016Anchor Pest ControlNJA USA
Frank EmroRosie08/29/2016Anchor Pest ControlNJA USA
Robert CantwellCassie10/04/2016Anchor Pest ControlNJA USA
Robert CantwellRosie08/29/2016Anchor Pest ControlNJA USA
Eric MillerMaggie02/23/2017Atlantic Bed Bug InspectionNJA USA
Eric MillerPayo02/23/2017Atlantic Bed Bug InspectionNJA USA
Benjamin J. KlibanoffStella08/29/2016Beagles On Call Bed Bug Detection Inc.NJA USA
James Skinner Jr.Salsa08/28/2016A & C Pest ManagementNYA USA
Jim Skinner Sr.Salsa08/28/2016A & C Pest ManagementNYA USA
Fiona BonehamHercules04/28/2016Bed Bug Detectives & AdvisorsNYA USA
Mary FeasterArchie11/07/2016Bed Bug Detectives & AdvisorsNYA USA
David LutzkerJeter09/09/2016Broadway ExterminatingNYA USA
Donna DrabekDaphne03/15/2017Buffalo Exterminating Co.NYA USA
Donna DrabekMilo11/07/2016Buffalo Exterminating Co.NYA USA
Joseph KalloCinema10/04/2016Dial-A-BugNYA USA
Eugenio RodriguezChase08/29/2016First Rate SolutionsNYA USA
Barry MyrickRoxy07/14/2016M & M Pest ControlNYA USA
Richard LaiRoxy07/14/2016M & M Pest ControlNYA USA
Stanley WongBenji08/29/2016M & M Pest ControlNYA USA
John BrickmanJack10/05/2016NYC Bed Bug InspectionsNYA USA
John BrickmanLuna10/05/2016NYC Bed Bug InspectionsNYA USA
Jamie SheehanHeff10/04/2016Synergy Scents / Colony Pest ManagementNYA USA
Peggy NallyHeff10/04/2016Synergy Scents / Colony Pest ManagementNYA USA
Jamie SheehanDora11/07/2016Synergy Scents / Coloy Pest ManagemetNYA USA
Paul KelczCrusier11/07/2016The Bed Bug InspectorsNYA USA
Lucas ElsasserArbus03/17/2016Beagle Eye LLCOHA USA
Theresa PageArbus03/17/2016Beagle Eye LLCOHA USA
Jay CarpenterCopper06/09/2016Bed Bug InspectorOHA USA
Jay CarpenterSusie04/22/2016Bed Bug InspectorOHA USA
Lee JohnsonDaisy09/15/2016Bed Bug InspectorOHA USA
Jennifer MontgomeryOllie09/16/2016Buckeye Bed Bug DetectionOHA USA
Jennifer MontgomeryTank09/16/2016Buckeye Bed Bug DetectionOHA USA
Michael KrugmanAngus11/07/2016Forest City K-9OHA USA
Anna LaBarreCici04/22/2016Four Paws K9 DetectionOHA USA
Anna LaBarre Corporal Chaco09/15/2016Four Paws K9 DetectionOHA USA
Annie LaBarreMarley04/22/2016Four Paws K9 DetectionOHA USA
Kelly RobbinsCici04/22/2016Four Paws K9 DetectionOHA USA
Kelly RobbinsCorporal Chaco09/15/2016Four Paws K9 DetectionOHA USA
Kelly Robbins Sprout09/15/2016Four Paws K9 DetectionOHA USA
Mike PoseyTurbo04/22/2016M2 Pest ControlOHA USA
Reene Whitson GonzalezBandit04/22/2016Militerriers IncOHA USA
Reene Whitson-GonzalezBella04/22/2016Militerriers IncOHA USA
Daniel HernandezNips09/16/2016Nip ItOHA USA
David Cozart Loca09/16/2016Nip ItOHA USA
Matt HernandezD.J. Jones04/22/2016Nip ItOHA USA
Doug MillerMickey09/15/2016Ohio Canine Detection Services LLCOHA USA
Beth VossDakota11/06/20164 B's K-9 Detection ServicesPAA USA
Beth VossEris11/06/20164 B's K-9 Detection ServicesPAA USA
Robert KalbachQuincy11/07/2016A. Amendt Pest ControlPAA USA
Joe GiacomantonioRosey03/23/2017Ehrlich PestPAA USA
Tom WelchKirby02/23/2017Ehrlich PestPAA USA
Jason WebeckCopper09/22/2016Good Night Sleep TightPAA USA
Jason WebeckDino09/22/2016Good Night Sleep TightPAA USA
Jason Webeck Joker09/22/2016Good Night Sleep TightPAA USA
Mike MassucciCopper09/22/2016Good Night Sleep TightPAA USA
Mike MassucciJoker09/22/2016Good Night Sleep TightPAA USA
Charles MassAce08/13/2016K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesPAA USA
Charles MassChase08/13/2016K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesPAA USA
Jeanne ArnoldAce08/13/2016K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesPAA USA
Joann DeLuciaAce08/13/2016K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesPAA USA
Joann DeLuciaChase08/13/2016K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesPAA USA
Peter ArnoldAce08/13/2016K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesPAA USA
Peter ArnoldChase08/13/2016K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesPAA USA
Peter ArnoldGideon08/13/2016K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesPAA USA
Heather BrooksCasey10/04/2016Key K9PAA USA
Heather BrooksJosie10/04/2016Key K9PAA USA
Heather BrooksScout10/04/2016Key K9PAA USA
Joann Delucia Cali08/13/2016Key K9PAA USA
Joann Delucia Casey08/13/2016Key K9PAA USA
Joann DeluciaJozy08/13/2016Key K9PAA USA
Joann DeLuciaScout08/13/2016Key K9PAA USA
Monica DeLuciaCali08/13/2016Key K9PAA USA
Monica DeLuciaCasey08/13/2016Key K9PAA USA
Monica DeLucia Jozy11/06/2016Key K9PAA USA
Monica DeLuciaScout08/13/2016Key K9PAA USA
Chrystal JordanEmmie11/07/2016Moran's Elite Termite & Pest ManagementPAA USA
Gregory PattonBo03/15/2017Dakota Bed Bug DetectionSDA USA
Allen StohlerDally04/19/2017K9 Pro DetectionVAA USA
Allen StohlerMocha04/19/2017K9 Pro DetectionVA A USA
Antoine RodrequezMocha04/19/2017K9 Pro DetectionVAA USA
Antoine RodriguezWilly04/19/2017K9 Pro DetectionVAA USA
Jack RossiMocha04/19/2017K9 Pro DetectionVAA USA
Angelia MullaneyCooper11/06/2016Unique Pest Management VAA USA
Angelia MullaneyParker11/06/2016Unique Pest Management VAA USA
Daniel ThorykCooper03/15/2017Unique Pest Management VAA USA
Daniel ThorykParker03/15/2017Unique Pest Management VAA USA
Jeshua RogersCooper03/15/2017Unique Pest Management VAA USA
Scott MullaneyCooper11/06/2016Unique Pest Management VAA USA
Scott MullaneyParker11/06/2016Unique Pest Management VAA USA
Bryan BallBenji02/03/2017Batzner Bed Bug ServicesWIA USA
Bryan BallSimon09/29/2016Batzner Bed Bug ServicesWIA USA
Carl SkrobackSimon02/03/2017Batzner Bed Bug ServicesWIA USA
Glen BishopLucy02/03/2017Batzner Bed Bug ServicesWIA USA
Jacqi WaleckiRoxy09/29/2016Batzner Bed Bug ServicesWIA USA
Jason S. LindnerLucas04/22/2016K-9 Bed Bug Detection Services LLCWIA USA
Jeff BournColumbo01/26/2017Midwest Bed Bug Dogs LLCWIA USA
John SchultzColumbo01/26/2017Midwest Bed Bug Dogs LLCWIA USA
Jayson SnyderBull02/09/2017Wil-Kil Pest ControlWIA USA
Mike ZemanovicDaisy02/09/2017Wil-Kil Pest ControlWIA USA
Rick SchoeningJack02/09/2017Wil-Kil Pest ControlWIA USA
Rick SchoeningMax02/09/2017Wil-Kil Pest ControlWIA USA
David LabelleBounty03/18/2016Premium K9 ServicesAlbertaCanada
David LabelleStella03/15/2017Premium K9 ServicesAlberta Canada
Daniel MorganLacey08/18/2016Canada Canine Detection CorporationOntarioCanada
Gregory StasiakHarley11/03/2016Eco Bed Bug SolutionsOntarioCanada
Gregory StasiakMack09/15/2016Eco Bed Bug SolutionsOntarioCanada
Ashley VokeyClod04/05/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Heidi WilisonFrankie03/15/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Heidi WilsonSwag03/15/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Jean FaderGrease03/15/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Katherine PowersFrankie03/15/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Katherine PowersSwag03/15/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Ken GreyGrease03/15/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Ken GreyPasta03/15/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Lorie DaviesScooby04/05/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Lorie DaviesSutter04/05/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Lorie DaviesTetris04/05/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Lyndsey CysterTetris04/05/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Rob LittleCruise04/05/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Sherry ChapmanGrease03/15/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Sherry ChapmanPasta03/15/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Simon BurnellScooby04/05/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Simon BurnellSutter04/05/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Stephanie CoolPasta03/15/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Timote Rostaing-SeguinJag04/05/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Tom FureyClod04/05/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Trine ButlerFrankie03/15/2017Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Trine ButlerFrankie03/18/2016Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Trine ButlerSwag03/18/2016Orkin CanadaOntarioCanada
Ashley JosephsonScout04/24/2017Canadian Thermal SolutionsSaskatchewanCanada
Becca HoffmanBugsy04/24/2017Canadian Thermal SolutionsSaskatchewanCanada